Do you want to be beautiful? Give us a try. is a beauty blog. Most of our readers are women who want to improve how they look. Teenagers, pregnant women, women in the 30s and 40s, and old women read our blog. The contents we provide are for different age-group. These are the types of post we provide to women around the world:

The products we love

Here you’ll find honest product reviews. We never write a positive review about a product if we have not tried it ourselves. When we say, “this is good” or “you should give this a try”, believe us. If you have the sensitive skin type though, you may want to check with your dermatologist first. We don’t want you to encounter problems in the future.
Most of the products on this section are effective based on the positive comments we get from them. Our readers believe us, that’s why we keep writing about these reviews. We want to share what we think would improve their looks. So, if you’re looking for a new face powder or foundation, browse through the different categories on this section. We’ve already written quite a number of product reviews. Feel free to browse through.

The Big List

A reader’s favorite. Women love to read bulleted articles because they’re easy to read. They’re also effective. Here you’ll find helpful articles on what to wear on a first date or cocktail party to how to achieve a celebrity look. Without a doubt, everything you need are on this section.

There is a search button on this section. You can either type in a particular keyword and you will be provided with a list of how-to articles related to your keyword. You may also browse through the articles by categories. All of the articles can be printed, shared via a social media, email to a friend, or save for future reading. You can also post comments (and we encourage you to do that), or reply to other user comments.

Video tutorials

There are women who like to watch how we do it, so we take the time to shoot our tutorials to make it available for women who prefers to learn by watching videos.
Most of the videos are makeup tutorials. If you do not yet know how to apply a makeup, head to our video tutorials. Let us assist you.

After each video, a list of products that we used in the tutorials will be provided for the viewer. They may use the products or use a different one.

Celebrities page

If you want to achieve a celebrity look, come to this page. One of our beauty bloggers know how to find out what each celebrity is using for their make up and clothes, and we want to share them with you. They may be quite expensive, but heck, celebrities use them. So if you want to look like a celebrity, feel free to use the same brand. Or use your own and be confident with your own skin.

We have great photos of celebrities too and they’re not copyrighted, so you can post the photos in your social media sites to feel motivated and inspired.

Most Popular posts

We have a special section with a list of articles that have the most comments and the most shares. These articles are popular among women. So if you’re strapped for time, just browse through these articles. The topic varies, but they’re beneficial nevertheless.

All about make up

If you want to know the history of make-up, you’ll find it on this section. There is also a step-by-step guide for women who wants to be a make- up expert. We incorporated videos in the make-up tutorial to make it easier for you to learn.

This section also offers make- up styles for different personalities. Some women will not look good on a heavy make-up; they will look stunning on a lighter one regardless of the occasion. We’ll teach you all of these. If you’re passionate about learning how we do it, browse through this section and we guarantee that you will become an expert. If you can’t achieve the look that you want, keep trying. Eventually, you’ll learn how to do it.

How to be glamorous

If you want to be exceptionally attractive, try this section. The contents of this section are all about glamour and being glamorous. Style is synonymous with glamour, and we’ll teach you all about it.

We live up to our name. We’re called BeautyGlam because we can provide great content to our readers, especially women who want to feel beautiful inside and out – women like you.

Apart from providing good content, we also make sure that the blog is always updated. Since we are a team of beauty bloggers and experts, we never run out of ideas. We’ve already posted many articles on this blog. You may check our archive for the complete list.

If you have not read a beauty blog in the past, this is your chance. Rest assured that you will enjoy it. Well, if you’re a woman. We do get men for readers once in a while. We even receive reviews from men. Most of those reviews were from men who have partners that read our blog though. The reviews are positive, that’s why we will never stop helping women around the world.