Women prefer over other beauty sites because of the effective tips we provide. This blog is home to many beauty experts who never get tired of sharing beauty and fashion tips. We’ve received a lot of reviews, but it’s going to take you forever to read them all. So here are some of them:

Hi BeautyGlam,

My name is Nicole from Australia. I didn’t know I would be able to transform myself easily! Your beauty articles sure helped a lot. I am definitely recommending you to my friends!

Hi BeautyGlam,

My name is Sherry. I have been reading your blog for the longest time. I learn something new every single time. The video tutorials are especially helpful. You should post more of them. Although the articles are just as helpful, it is also beneficial to have more videos so women would really know how to follow the beauty guides. I am still reading more of your posts which I am enjoying so much. I now feel so beautiful. And my boyfriends thinks so too, hahaha!

Hi BeautyGlam,

I was looking for beauty and fashion tips online when I stumbled upon your blog. I never regretted it ever since. Your video tutorials are easy to follow and they’re really effective. Where have you been all my life? I am not a beauty expert so I need all the help I can get. I’m just grateful I found BeautyGlam online.

Hi BeautyGlam,

I have been using the products that you recommend to women. Guess what, I liked them too. You really do know what you’re talking about. Please do post more product reviews. Thank you, BeautyGlam.

Hi BeautyGlam,

My name is Thomas. No, I’m not gay. I’m a straight male, and my girlfriend asked me to post this testimonial. Honestly, I would like to say you’re really good with what you’re doing. My girlfriend follows all your tips because it works for her. She looks really beautiful, my girlfriend. Not that I’m really into looks, but I’m just happy that she’s happy with how she presents herself to people. She’s more confident now because of you, people. Thank you.

These are just some of the reviews we’ve received from our readers. Yes, we do get reviews from men once in a while. We don’t want to post all our reviews, but we can send you a pdf file (lol!). Anyway, we are serious in helping women achieve the look that they want. We want them to feel not just pretty, but beautiful.

We do our best in assisting women with their beauty and fashion needs. Some of our reviews are found on Facebook and Twitter. Just follow us so you can see the comments from our readers. On Twitter, just use the hashtag #beautyglam to see our posts.

Women praise us because we are honest. We do not post products that we think aren’t good for women. We do understand that women have different skin types, so some of the products may not appeal to them, but we always make a disclaimer. We also tell them to discontinue using the products if they experience any side effects.

Before we post articles, we also make sure the tips do work. The tips and guides we post are tried and tested by us. We don’t also just accept any article from contributors if we don’t believe in them. We want to prevent negative reviews from our users because we are protecting our reputation as an honest beauty blogger.

Another reason people like us is because we understand what beauty and glamour really means. We live by Ms. Edna Woolman’s beautiful quote, “Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess.” True, you can imitate anyone’s style, but a real woman learns to develop her own. This can be achieved by learning about other women’s style.

We also understand that there are women who prefers to see the instructions than read them in a manual. This is why we post not just articles but also video tutorials to be able to help these kind of users. We want them to have the exact resources that they need. They can even print our articles if they choose to. There’s a “print option” for women who wants to compile our beauty articles. We just ask them to not sell it as they do not have rights for it.

Finally, BeautyGlam is preferred by the majority simply because we know what our readers need. We do interact with them. We ask what they want from us. If we see a demand for a certain topic, we write about it or create a video tutorial. And we make sure it is well researched about. Rest assured, all the contents of this blog will benefit all women around the world. You can try it out yourself.