Brooke is a 24 year old that is on a permanent vacation in Maui, Hawaii. She’s sun worshiper, has a love for all things of the sea, a day dreamer and a treasure hunter.
Brooke has always loved wearing jewelry and always had a passion for photography. Her sister, Sarah Pace is the owner of Noble Town Vintage. She gave her an insight on the jewelry business. Brooke took her passion for the beach and photography and incorporated it into her jewelry. It’s her creative outlet. The shop has been opened for 9 months now. You can buy her unique pieces by clicking here.

We got a chance to talk with Brooke and got to find out more about this babe!


What other things are you passionate about?

Ive always had an obsession with Hawaii. I would see pictures of white sand beaches and pristine blue water. I knew at a young age that Hawaii was the promise land
I was around 6 years old when I decided that I needed to move out of Utah and into the sun. Living here is so inspiring and refreshing. I truly feel like I’ve won the lottery.
How do you make the jewelry?

All of jewelry contains: shells, coral, sea glass and seaweed that I personally picked from Maui’s shoreline.
I would like to think of myself as a hunter and not a conchologists. The coral and shells texture influences my designs. I try and highlight the natural beauty and quality of the beach findings. While putting the pieces together I try and focus on a wide audience. I want to incorporate beach with a modern style.

Get inspiration from? My inspiration comes from the textures and patterns found on the shells and coral. The laid back fashion style found on Maui is a big factor. I feel inspired by my friends who are often in my photo shoots.

I read you donate part of your profit to a non-profit tell me more….

When I am shell hunting on the beach I notice a mass amount of garbage. The oceans natural resources are plummeting. I want to help keep the oceans clean. I always try and pick up trash off the beaches. I also wanted to donate some of my profit to companies that play a huge part in protecting our oceans. ocean conservancy is a wonderful non profit group who focus on massive ocean clean ups world wide. Another great group is The Hawaii Wild Life Fund. They are a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of Hawaii’s native wildlife. They conduct whale research and educate the public in an effort to save vulnerable species of whales from extinction. 40% of Marine Life Sea urchin and Fish bone Necklace and Seafaring Blue Debris and Coarse Coral Triangle small studs go to these groups.

what trends are you seeing with accessories and jewelry?

I see a lot of gold and brass with a splash of color. Shorter necklaces and stud earrings.