Imagine a business looking to introduce a new product, a sales strategy or a new process, how will its management deliver the message to their employees effectively?

Was a memo about it circulated? Was a briefing held among cross –functional teams?

Were these methods effective?

motivational speaker

With “Employee Engagement” as the buzzword in workplaces, more and more companies are hiring motivational speakers to deliver the message. Through entertainment, glib and office wisdom, they motivate and inspire the work force. They are our modern-day varsity coaches, cheering employees and helping them see that the company’s future is robust.

Corporations invest in their conventions, team huddles and regular general assemblies because they understand that motivated and engaged employees can make millions for them. Where there are engaged organizations, there is high employee performance, job satisfaction, commitment and feelings of empowerment. Their HR programs utilize a variety of interventions, strategic to business objectives. For a specific project, businesses need the services of a motivational speaker to sell that idea to staff and get their buy-in. Therefore, a motivational speaker provides a compelling stimulus for employees to act in favor of the company.

A lot of employees tend to get lost in the dread of the 9 to 5 routine. Having one’s supervisor do the cheering up may not be as effective as that person, unfair as it may seem, is the face of purgatory. It may also send a conflicting message to employees.

Motivational speakers are business consultants –

They understand the business, know the business terminology and its operations. They could have been employed full-time within the industry. Businesses invest in them to face groups within the organization that have developed discouragement through excessive amounts of job stress and pressure because they can provide a neutral type of support to the employees. They are different from inspirational speakers because normally, these speakers’ talks are on real-life encounters, not related to the business, in which they have defeated.

Before, the task of rallying teams was given to line managers. They become ineffective communicators because they too can become caught up in the day-to-day process.Their low energy will be more detrimental. Worse, they have developed biases that will be apparent to the group during the talk.

Using business facts, entertainment and games or learning activities, motivational speakers awaken their energy and immediately paint a bright picture of the future.The infectious talk re-energizes employees!
A motivational speaker holds the advantage of viewing the business with a fresh pair of eyes. He or she imparts this view and is able to provide opportunities to the employees that were not obvious. A good motivational speaker should inspire the staff to embrace new ideas, new methods and welcome other perspectives.

motivational speakers

Now, businesses see the significance of hiring professional speakers who become, in a way, business advisors on their behalf. These speakers are sought after. Popular are certain speakers for leadership, coaching and mentoring, and sales.

The effect of motivational speakers are felt immediately. Through compelling content consisting of researched facts and anecdotes from experience, good speakers are able to provide a fresh perspective or challenge the audience out of his or her comfort zones. They are able to provoke the staff and help them realize their purpose. They are able to refocus the team away from the doldrums of the work environment and into a bright picture.

Motivational speakers are like modern-day Greek philosophers. We already know that financial rewards are not enough to rekindle passion towards work. A good speech, on the other hand, can persuade, make people step up and maybe even, go the extra mile.


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