How to Do Make Up

No, this is not an article about how to reconcile an estranged relationship. It’s easy to misread the title and, to just so we are all clear about what we are talking about, this article is about how and when to apply makeup.

Depending on your day’s agenda, it is important that you dress appropriately. And that goes for your makeup as well. For example, you wouldn’t wear heavy makeup to a 500km running marathon, would you?

Here are some tips on how to enhance your looks with makeup:

1.An everyday look

Although going natural saves you several minutes of prep time in the morning, some of us just can’t help putting on a little something like a swipe of lipstick before heading out the door. We do this even though we might just be going out for a trip to the grocery store. If you’re looking pale, especially in the morning, dab on some cheek and lip tint. That way, you’ll look more energetic and refreshed.

makeupFor those long days at the office, a more mature yet simple style would be best. Unless your workplace requires a more specific makeup color or style (like goth makeup for a heavy metal record store), required otherwise, your choice of lipstick, light blush, and some eye shadow should do just fine. That should be enough to impress anyone. You can have a standard “work makeup(” style that you can put on in a few minutes. This way, you do not have to slave over your makeup mere minutes after waking up.

Whatever you do, do not forget to put on sun block especially on sunny days.

2.A day spent with friends

Moments spent with your closest friends are fun because there is no prejudice when it comes to whether or not you have make-up on. However, your friends are the best kinds of people who you could seek advice from when it comes to make-up. They’ll help you even out your eyeliner when you know you can’t do it yourself.

Some simple make-up with tinted moisturizer should do the trick. If you have plans to hit the club at night, try upping your eye make-up to get a little edge. Smoky eyes are classically sexy and this style is always a good choice when you’re out on the hunt.

3.Date Night

Here is when you want to step up your game a little bit. C’mon, you know you’ve been practicing. You probably have enjoyed the fruits of many professional SEO services in your search for makeup tips online. You want to look good for your special someone, even if it’s only for one night. However, prepping for your date doesn’t always have to be so showy.

Primer, foundation, and concealer are essential but the best places you would want to draw attention to are your eyes and lips. Opt for a smoky eye effect and some plump, red lips. Nothing could ever go wrong with red lipstick.

Go for a simple yet attention-catching look. Don’t sweat it if no one tells you that you look beautiful. Because, honey, you know you are.

4.Special Occasions

Your choice of makeup colors should be dependent on what kind of occasion you are going to attend. Weddings, debuts, house parties – they are all different.

For example, light, refreshing makeup is usually worn at weddings. Find out what kind of event you are going to and research the best make up ensemble to fit the occasion.

If you are the host or celebrant of the event, there is no need to be so modest. Go ahead a do a little extra with your make-up. Remember that you’re going to be in a lot of pictures, so you might regret not putting that blush on. Just like professional SEO services, you want your makeup to highlight your assets.

Makeup is fun and there is a boost of self-esteem when you have the perfect eyeliner on, for instance. While this is so, there really is no pressure for you to do anything if you do not like makeup. Everyone is beautiful just the way they are. Putting on makeup is not supposed to make you beautiful. It merely enhances your features and lets your inner beauty shine through as well.